The Internet has moved from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 and only those who understand the changes and repercussions of this change will reap the benefits this new era will bring to the business world!

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Web 3.0 "The Internet's Next Big Wave" LIVE One Day Event

Bahrain, November 8th 2012
, November 10th 2012

Bahrain, Thursday November 8th
9:00 to 19:00


Dana Cinema Complex situated on the first floor of Dana Mall




Dubai, Saturday November 10th

9:00 to 19:00


Knowledge Village Auditorium.
Dubai Knowledge Village





Mike Filsaime,

Chad Mac

Real State Broker in New Orleans

Alize Talsha

Marketing Manager of the Aviation Club Dubai

Helen Urich

Director ME Candles

Karen Beggs


Rajiv Patil

Sales Manager


An E-Commerce & Social Media Event Strategically Designed To Revolutionize The Way Business is Done Online in the Middle East

For the first time ever in the Middle East, an event that has been designed to help individual and organizations increase their business results using the latest strategies on Social Media, Ecommerce and Mobile Marketing

You're not coming to the 2012 Web 3.0 Next Big Wave Event to see 10 speakers share some valuable but incomplete ideas on stuff you can do on the Internet

You're coming to this event to understand HOW the Online world has changed and WHY is critical for you to create a business blueprint based on the latest E-Commerce, Social Media & Mobile Marketing Strategies and Techniques!

THE INTERNET (As we know it) IS OVER

Last year, the amount of mobile devices (smart phones & tablets) surpassed the amount of Desk Top Computers sold. Today, over 50% of the people living in the region (and the rest of the world) access DAILY the Internet through their mobile devices and 32% of them have made a purchase from their device...

This trend will increase on the following years and clearly the Internet as will know it will totally disappear!

In the past, when you needed to access the Internet, you needed to be in front of your computer screen. Whether at home, the office or the Internet is accessible virtually from everywhere on our mobile devices that's why the virtual world has changed forever!

Just think about it: There are over a billion people connected to the Internet today yet there are close to 5 BILLION mobile phone users!

Are you starting to see the potential and the incredible shift on how business is going to be done over the Internet?

Reality Re-Defined

People can do whatever they normally do on a PC on their mobile device:

  • They Browse the Internet
  • They Consume Content ( Audio, Video & Text)
  • They Purchase Stuff
  • They Accept Payments
  • They use them for communication purposes

Yet on their mobile phones they can do something they cannot do on their PC's...  

They can use apps

From playing games to checking your blood pressure, from finding a good restaurant or a great deal to navigating through an unknown city with a GPS...

What Apps have created is literally a NEW FRONTIER on possibilities for businesses and consumers.

Our reality will be "Augmented" and soon we will be able to use our mobile devices for Face recognition, product search, discount search, paying stuff through our mobiles... you name it, will have a totally different playing field

If you're not aware of how Web 3.0 will affect our day to day lives you're surely missing out in the biggest opportunity of our generation!

That's why YOU MUST participate on either one of the 2 ONE DAY WEB 3.0 Events that will be taking place in Dubai or Bahrain

BAHRAIN, November 8th 2012 Dana Cinema Complex

DUBAI, UAE. November 10th 2012 Auditorium of the KV


Discover Web 3.0 With Our Panel Of Experts

We've carefully selected each and every one of our experts for this event. None of these hand picked mentors is a "hit and run" speaker. One of the conditions to be invited to be part of this event was that they had to be willing to come back again and again to the Middle East to groom and develop the first generation Web 3.0 Online Business owners in the region.

Each one of these individuals has an incredible reputation that can easily be tracked! Simply, 'Google' their names and you will find that they have an immaculate reputation and the highest level of integrity.

But most importantly, each of these speakers is tremendously accomplished: Simply read their short bio below to find out who these amazing people really are:

Mitch Carson

Mitch is an Award-winning Direct Marketer, Consultant, Radio Host, Author and Columnist. He has produced several short-form infomercials that have aired on the Home Shopping Network (HSN), QVC and international markets grossing over 8 figures in sales over the airways and through retail channels.

Lasse Rouhiainen

Lasse Rouhiainen is a video marketing and social media marketing expert. His YouTube Channel has over 1 million views and has been an early adopter and trainer of Social Media helping hundreds of small and medium size businesses to start using Social Media effectively in a number of countries around the world.

Ridgely Goldsborough

Author and international speaker, Ridgely Goldsborough, has spent the last 20 years as an expert in personal growth and development. Ridgely has interviewed titans of business and industry in person, for his television show. Today he's Best know for his "WHY" 3.0 Marketing Formula

Alex Kei

Alex Kei is the president of Kei Web Enterprises, Inc., a marketing training company with 31 employees and with clients in over 27 countries. Alex has been a teacher in the European Business School (ESERP) and is also the Chief Blogger and owner of

James Reynolds

James Reynolds is the CEO of Web Reactivators, an ecommerce consultancy firm, and SEO Sherpa. he helps off line companies grow their business by providing online marketing services that generate more customers, sales and profits.

Stan Dahl

Stan Dahl, business partner of John Carlton, is specialized in teaching you how to make truly powerful sales messages.John Carlton's Simple Writing System finally nails the simple secrets of writing everything necessary to make your business awesomely successful.

Suraj Sodha

Suraj is an E-Commerce expert based in London, England. He has built a worldwide online marketing mentoring business and speaks at conferences around the world. He is a versatile marketer and a Groupon Wizard. His Web 3.0 Strategies are simple yet powerful

Christian Farioli

Christian is easy an going Italian, Entrepreneur, Internet Marketing Coach & Consultant, Partnering with companies to develop their online strategy, applying a specific methodology developed by himself with 99% success rates.

Very Impressive group of experts ha?

Don't you think it is a fantastic opportunity to spend ONE FULL DAY with all of them learning how you and your organization can improve their results and generate more business using the power and the cutting edge technology available to all of us with the Web 3.0?

This Event is Exactly What I Was Looking For! Where Do I Sign Up?

Meet Your Hosts for the Event!

Ernesto Verdugo

Is the Middle East's # 1 Internet Marketing Expert. He's an Award-winning Speaker, Author, Turn Around Expert, Co-Creator of the Unlimited Power Online Events and Host of the Amazing Websites Television weekly WEB TV show

Dave Crane

Master Emcee of 2012 Unlimited Power Online Event in Dubai and Bahrain, Founder of The Life Designers, Author, NLP Master, Hypnotherapist, Business Coach and Host of the Turbo Charge Your Brand Web TV Show

Ali Sabkar

Ali SABKAR is an eMarketing Expert & Speaker of Making The Most Out of eMarketing for Organizations. He spoken at many conferences in the Middle East and more than 10,000s participants attended his training workshops in Bahrain & KSA.

Event Agenda

Note: We recommend that you arrive early to the hotel for registration. Event will start promptly at 9.00. This is a very important day so avoid being late!

Pre-Event Education & Post Event Follow Up

Prior to the event, you'll receive an invitation to participate on 2 LIVE webinars where we will be teaching you the basics of how to run an online business just in case you're totally new to the amazing world of E-Commerce.

Also, before and after the event, we've planned a number of follow up webinars and a unique Facebook Community where you will continue your learning curve on the next frontier of the web 3.0.

After the Event, You Will NOT Be Left Alone "to your own devices"...

This was a "missing link" for us in the past and now we found the way to provide you with the support and assistance you will need to be successful implementing all the strategies that you will learn during this day.

However, remember that this support will ONLY be available for participants on this event regardless of where you participate in Dubai or in Bahrain.

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Lets do a quick recap of what you're getting already for $97.00 (That's 350 Dirhams or 35 BD):

Pre and Post Event Trainings and Webinars that you can do from home
Access to the Main Event to hear the latest trends on the Internet Today
A Surprise Digital Bonus Pack worth over $1000.00 dollars
Access to the Private "Secret" Facebook Community where you can ask questions and get support
Networking Possibilities and Opportunities to get Pictures with all our Experts

And of course we have a guarantee!

I Want To Meet YOU In Dubai or Bahrain!

There you have it, all the information you need to know to make an educated decision about attending this Premier Online Business Building Workshop has been presented to you. The next step is for you to take action. Right now. Today.

Why? Because if you wait, you may lose out...

Waiting will cause you to lose your spot as close to half of all the spots available are already booked. All our previous events small retreats have sold out and I am confident this one will be sold out too, after all you've seen what is offered! But the problem is, it could sell out faster than anticipated. It would be a shame if you missed out on such a powerful event.

This is the first event EVER in the Middle East talking about Web 3.0, we can guarantee that the information you will get on this day will surely put you on a competitive advantage with any of your competitors as literally NOBODY knows in the region about these cutting edge information.

Let me ask you...

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Let Me Leave You With A Closing Thought...

“Do today what you want for your tomorrows”
The Time to learn how to use the Internet to
improve your sales or create new multiple sources
of income is NOW not tomorrow!

Don't Delay! Our Events Have Sold Out Time and Again,
And We'll Certainly Sell Out for Both Sessions of the
Web 3.0 Internet's Big Wave Event!

I hope you will grab this opportunity so we can meet in Dubai or in Bahrain.

Best of Success,

The UPO 2012 Team

P.S.. - "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." It is now your turn to make the decision to take that first step. We will support you all the way and show you and teach you what you need to know in order for you to create a successful Internet-based business as fast and easy as is humanly possible.

This Event is Exactly What I Was Looking For! Where Do I Sign Up?

Note: With an event that features the number and profile of speakers as the Unlimited Power Online does, there is always the possibility of a speaker not being able to attend due to unforeseen circumstances. All of the speakers outlined here have been confirmed to speak, but we do reserve the right to substitute another speaker in any case where a speaker is unable to attend the event, for whatever reason.

We would like to thank all our sponsors and partners.
Without them this event will not be possible.

This Event is Exactly What I Was Looking For! Where Do I Sign Up?